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Google PlusReviews on Google+ have not been so kind. Since its public launching on June 28th, 2011, it appears that reception remains lukewarm. As a social networking channel, Google+ fails to impress and is said to be just an imitation of Facebook. The reviews further go on to say that Google was not thinking “out of the box” when it conceived the idea, as Facebook had already hatched the idea five – six years ago. Click here to read more »

VOIP for small business

VOIP SetupVoIP has evolved in the last few years and has become a primary choice not only for home or small businesses but also for large corporations. It has become more reliable overtime and offers the same or more features compared to traditional phone lines at a fraction of the cost.

Another most important feature that attracts many users is the portability. No matter where you go, you can keep your existing phone numbers. Your business can run without any interruptions. No need to wait for the telephone technicians to do the switch over and possibly lose your existing numbers. Click here to read more »